Mar 3, 2018. Day XXVII

Route: Portomarin – Melide
Distance:  38,5 + 1,5 km (Total: 697 km)

The last afternoon and evening at an albergue was a bit of a nuisance because of endless talk of the people inside. Unfortunately this is one of the downsides of the last 100 km on the way.

It is a weird feeling sometimes to be able to understand several conversations happening around me in different languages. On one hand, I have some satisfaction coming from the years of my linguistic passions. I can feel like a spy who is privy to all what’s happening around me. On the other hand, most of the content is pretty lame and discouraging.
The Poles have a tendency to attribute some good qualities to other nations, especially the Western ones. Well. Generally, regardless of the language, what tends to flow out of people’s mounths are the same platitudes, cliches and gosspining we hear in Poland. Obviously, it is hard to write a blog being around such a ruckus.

In the morning I could not wait to hit the road again and be away from that senseless human logorrhea.

Just like yesterday the day started with a huge weather bonus as for Galicia. After endless downpour all night long the first 1,5 h of our walk was surprisingly sunny and nice.

The plan for today was pretty ambitious. I wanted to walk about 40 km to be very close to Santiago on the last two days. Besides, it is raining all the time. So once I get into the walking rhythm I can go on and on.
I was not sure if Henry would be up to that distance challenge. On top of it, I wanted to escape the newly met pilgrims who were just overwhelming with their constant yammering. We wil see if this escape strategy works, or not?

Drying on Camino. Film

The weather on our journey was very changable with majority of the moments of heavy rain. I must admit I admire how waterproof my Mamut shoes are despite frequent crossings of muddy trails, walking through streaming water etc. I think using of the boots impregnate from time to time adds up another protective layer. Generally I can highly recommend the brand Mamut for hiking gear. Thank you Mamut!

Once we reach the city of Palace del Rei after 24 km we are not giving up and continue our walk. I sometimes wonder where is this all rain coming from? It is raining and raining and the trails turn into streaming rivers at times.

After another few kilometers I see another directional sign with a remaining distance and some doodles in English on it. The doodles actually capture very well my own feelings. Walking in the afternoon you have a chance to be just with yourself. After all this was my motivation all along for today.

Flooding on Camino. Film

After just over 7 hours of clean walk in the rain we get to Melida. Today we set a new daily record having covered 40 km, making 54 k steps and climbing 860 m. We are in good shape. It is only a stone’s throw from here to Santiago. A mere 51 km.

Entry into Melide. Film

Meditation XXVI. What is the most important thing?

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else (…) and he will give you everything you need
Mt 6, 33

I want so many things at the same time. In the end it is about desiring really only one thing. Strive to promote and fullfill his Glory and live his Will. Live mainly for it. As the Jesuits say,

Chcę tyle rzeczy na raz. Tak naprawdę jednak chodzi o to, aby pragnąć jednej rzeczy. Starć się najpierw o to, aby głosić Chwałę Bożą i pełnić Jego wolę. Żyć głównie dla niej. Jak mówią Jezuici, and it is about doing things for the greater glory of God.

This may sound a bit abstract. After a longer thought it turns out to have deep sense. Relying on oneself, or others thinking about us is very shaky. Our ego will lead us astray. He is the best anchor.

A well known Czech priest and writer, Tomas Halik, entitled one his books, Hooray, I am not God. Indeed how would the world look like if I was God!? What a huge responsibility!

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O LORD, will keep me safe
Ps 4

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