Going home–Part 1




According to our plan we started our long journey back home. It will have several stages and will take a few days. First, the ferry from one of the Thai islands  and bus to Bangkok. Then a long overnight flight to London.

After landing in the UK we were surprised with the frost in London. It was a good prediction of the what was expecting us in Poland. The last day of our sabbatical, just like the first one, we spent in London. We put on all our warm clothes to keep ourselves warm. To no avail. The temperature difference for us was around 40 C! We were all shivering walking around the city. Luckily for a few hours we found a nice and warm spot, i.e. one of the theaters at West End. To celebrate the end of our sabbatical we bought tickets for one of the most popular musicals in London “We will rock you”, based on the greatest hits of a rock band, Queen. At some point during the performance we hear the famous song  “We are the champions”. At that instant Ania and I have similar associations. 


One evening as we were lying on the sofa, still before our sabbatical, Ania asked me: “How will it be to live for a year without the comfort of our sofas?” Well, it turned out, we could live without many other things and remain happy. We are proud of the fact that our return luggage is even smaller than the one we had when setting out.


We still are distancing ourselves from the thoughts of returning to cold Poland and our daily chores. The joy of coming home, mostly expressed by kids, is mixed with melancholy. What keeps us strong is our family mission as well as trust in the Holy Spirit, who has guided us throughout the world. During our sabbatical we enjoyed good health, good weather and company … in one word, everything. Some people would call it luck or good karma or like ourselves, Providence. By the way, never in our life have we expressed thanks so often, prayed or had other people pray for us. I read a few times that when people follow their heart then the whole universe is conspiring to be supportive. We have absolutely experienced it during our journey. May this be an encouragement for those hesitating before making an important life decision, like taking a sabbatical. For us it has been an amzing year and definitely one of the best decisions in our lives.

To be continued …


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