Angel singing



Those who sing, pray twofold


After our extraordinary spiritual experiences in Central America we did not expect to come across anything similar anywhere else on our route.

Our first Fijian Mass four weeks ago left an enormous impression on us. Though we could not follow most of the prayers said 95% in Fijian, we were all deeply affected. First about a few earthly matters (pun intended Uśmiech).

During the Holy Mass most of the congregation (there are a few pews at the back) is seated on the mats and everybody, including the priest, is barefoot. Apart from a few parts which can be celebrated by the priest only, the rest is serviced by the lay people including the gospel reading, sermon, not to mention the collection  Uśmiech.


What has impressed us most over the past four Sundays has been the angel singing. Since it is hard to describe it I attached recordings of all sung parts of the Mass. The repertouir of songs changes every Sunday! Sitting among the people singing in several voices these beautiful melanesian songs we all got shivers down our spines.

I sigh .. why is it that the poorer the place, the praying and singing are just more beautiful?


Fijian Mass – video


Recordings from the Holy Mass in Fiji (Lomary Parish)


Wprowadzenie / Entrance

Penitential rite


Bible procession




Holy, Holy



Lamb of God

Communion 1

Zakończenie / Recessional

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