Oregon beaches



The following state of our tour of slowly-ending North America is Oregon. This is not a place you often hear about. It is far away from big metropolis and it is not very warm, even in the summer. Having driven along the whole Oregon coast with a couple stops on the way we can definitely recommend this region. Oregon beaches reminded us of the Baltic shore with its velvety sand, cool sea water and surrounding wilderness. The only difference is the huge size of the beaches and tides here. Back to similarities there is even a large dune area beginning just south of Florence, being the largest collection of dunes in the US. They even have shore-lakes, like Polish Jamno or Gardno lakes. It looks like the weather here is similar to the cool summer in Poland this year. At coastal campgrounds they have a special warning system against tsunami, big earthquake waves.

Unlike in many other states we visited, the campgrounds of Oregon are very nice. Among many things they feature an educational program about nature similar to Junior Ranger Program in national parks. Coming here in summer high season without prior reservations you can often see the “Campground Full” sign. With “Everything is Possible” approach of ours, even there you can sometimes find some extra sites.

Visting Oregon we felt stronger bond with the American family, Mike, Rachel and Arron, from Oregon, who are staying at our house in Wroclaw,Poland during our sabbatical.

Among many advantages of Oregon such as Portland, Crate Lake, Mt. Hood etc, there is also an economic factor. They do not add sales tax here, like many other places in the US, on top of purchases (food, clothing). California, where we are nor, is way much more expensive. Camgrounds inlcuded – over 100%!

Watching the vast Pacific it dawns on me it will keep us company almost throughout the rest of our remaining journey. Luckily it will be warmer and warmer.


Belly sand surfing – video

Building bridges of Oregon – video

Oregon dunes – video

Free kiting – video

Playing with salamanders – video

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