Polish hospitality



Polish hospitality is well known in Poland and beyond. Being away from our family we sometime long for the great Polish food, family atmosphere etc. A particular feature of Polish hospitality is the ample and delicious food as well as long conversations at the table.

We did not expect that during our trip we would experience such a Polish hospitality far away from Poland. Here in Canada, after fantastic atmosphere at Malgosia’s and Krysia’s in Calgary, where we stayed, we once again met great people, Gosia and Slawe, who left Poland 22 years ago for Canada. Thanks to their kindness we could stay at their place in southern part of Vancouver metropolis. What we experienced there exceeded our wildest expectations of how well we can be hosted by completely strange people to us.

There was great food, home-made dishes, unending toasts, home-cinema for the kids, pool splashing, sauna, pet walking, jogging with the host riding his bike, joint singing with Slawek playing the piano. As if it was not enough the hosts let us use their private mini spa.

Vancouver and our friends
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Pool splashing – video

Sto Lat Ania – video

Dinner with the hosts -video

In many respects this visit exceeds the size of traditional Polish hospitality. What’s is most striking for us is that we experience it from people we even did not know a couple of days before. After many months of discomfort such a hospitality tastes very sweet.

By a pure coincident Ania and I celebrated our birthdays in Canada with people strange though, at the same time, so close to us. After those encounters we reflected on the topic of making new friends and openess to new people.Just be open! Our unsurpassed role model in this respect is little Wojtek. The number and pace of making new friends is, in his case, unbelieveable, regardless of the language or age differences.

Przy tych doświadczeniach pojawia się refleksja na temat zawierania przyjaźni i otwartości na nowe kontakty. Wystarczy się otworzyć! Naszym niedoścignionym wzorem w tym względzie jest nasz syn, Wojtuś. Liczba i tempo zawierania przez niego nowych znajomości w różnych zakątkach świata są niewiarygodne (kilka zdjęc i filmów).

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Wojtus, Ania Zak and Diego – video

Pool windsurfing – video


Among new inspirations at Slawek and Gosia’s place were the pets adopted from an animal shelter, Lady the dog and Simon the cat. Our kids are pushing us to get a dog and a cat after coming back home. The adoption idea is great!


Gosia and Sławek!


Many thanks for you unusual kindness, openess and generosity. We admire the way we cultivate the Polish culture and your pride of being Polish.

We hope to host you in Poland at the next available opportunity.

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