Oh, Canada



After nearly 40 days of traveling from south to north of the US we reached Canada. On the way, just before the Canadian border we visited our 9th national park, Glacier. The kids earned their next Junior Ranger badge there and we explored the park’s beauty for some time. Unlike earlier parks, Glacier was relatively empty. We did bump into some wilde animals though.

Bison close-up – video

Black bear crossing the street – video

Apart from wildlife Glacier NP, as the name suggests, is famous for its many glaciers. Currently there are about 50 of them in the park. Not so long there were as many as 200 glaciers there. As a result of global warming all current glaciers in the park are expected to disappear by 2050. So hurry up and visit this beautiful land and drive the disputably the nicest scenic route in the US called “going-to-the-sun”.


After another encounter one-on-one with a bear Ania asked me not to jog alone in the park anymore. You can get a special pepper spray to scare off a charging grizzly, but there is no guarantee it will work Uśmiech. Besides, who would want to run with a big can of spray?


Crossing the US-Canadian border brought back the old memories of going to the west in the past. Though there were only three cars at the border the whole procedure took a hefty half an hour or more! Long live Schengen!




After entering Canada we felt more like at home. Suddenly miles turned to kilometers and gallons into liters. The homely atmoshpere intensified after reaching our next longer destination, Calgary in Alberta. We met here our Canadian family and friends and have been experiencing this unique Polish hospitality with delicious food and joyful mood. Upgrading our living conditions from a tent and occassional access to hot water to a nice, spacious and comfortable house felt like moving to paradise. Malgosia, Krysia, uncle Ed, Yousry – many thanks!!



With friends and family in Calgary
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The timing of our arrival in Calgary could not be better. Soon the world-famous rodeo week called Stampede begins here. Two days ago Canada celebrated its national holiday. The weather has been outstanding! It is hard to believe they had long and cold winter here not so long ago.

Unlike in the US, here life goes on more slowly. An example of that is the unique courtesy of the drivers or kids behavior in the playgrounds. The latter are more likely to cooperate and have fun together. A striking observation we had in the US was unsual competitivness and agression among the kids in many play areas. Back in the Central America we never experienced  such a behavior displayed by ther kids.

Polish hospitality in Calgary – video

Baseball in Calgary – video


Today, after a long time, we went to a Polish church for Sunday Mass. The kids finally understood what was going on and it felt more like at home. After four + months of travels here and there we are starting to miss our family. Visting our friends and family in Calgary alleviates a bit our nostalgy for home.



For the upcoming vacations, dear readers, we would like to wish you, in accordance with the idea of vacation (lat. vacatio), so that you empty your heads from all the thoughts, particularly the heavy ones and fill yourself with positive energy!


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