Simple life



We are staying a few days in Playa del Coco. Our life is simple and nice. We lack many things, which seem indispensable in Poland. Not having a washing machine on hand, Wojtek does manual laundry in a big public basin in cold water. While preparing dinner we use a broken knife, the best we could find here Uśmiech. The kids do the dishes and do their small laundry as well everyday, a chore they would not even consider back home. Just look at the kitchen below and you can imagine the rest.


It is amazingly hot during their winter. We get up before 6 am to get some fresh air. This is our time for jogging, yoga and peaceful greeting of the day. The kids wake up at 8 am and we have a lazy breakfast, mostly fruits, which is extremely delicious here. Juicy and sweet pieces of pineapple, cold watermelon, melon, papaya. Homeschooling begins at 9am and continues until 12:30 pm. After lunch there is a short siesta and then we go to experience a bit of Pura Vida on the beach.

Wojtus i Ania made a few friends here. Everyday they play with the local kids on the only white beach in the neighborhood. Someone said that socializing is a big problem for homeschooled kids. Well, we do not have that problem. Wojtus learns a few words in Spanish and in exchange teaches the boys a few English words. Even though they cannot communicate they understand one another very well.

We also made friends with the local kids. Wojtek teaches them Spanish tounge twisters, makes different games, tells interesting stories. I do yoga with them. One day the kids saw me making a few yoga poses and started imitating me. We have a lot of fun and laughter. Just have a look.



It gets dark at around 6 pm. We all go back home, prepare dinner, talk a little and go to bed. There is bed time reading “Awantura o Basie”, which puts our kids to sleep very quickly. Back home, we hardly found time for this. It was either late, or we were tired. There was always an excuse not to do it. Here there is no tv, no computer games. The kids get all kinds of stimulating experiences.

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