Encore, Pura Vida

Feb 25, 2011

Costa Rica turns out to be an excellent place to start our journey. The most important here is to feel “Pura Vida”, “Pure Life”. I asked a local what it means for them. The answer was simple. It is about enjoying every moment of life. Seemingly easy, isn’t it? People say Pura Vida instead of Thank You, Hello, or goodbye.

Yesterday we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We had dinner in a local soda and got there an extra gift, hanging on the wall. Here are some words of wisdom from it:

  • The biggest barrier in life is FEAR
  • The most beautiful day is TODAY
  • The best teachers are the CHILDREN
  • The most major mistake in life is to SURRENDER
  • The biggest vice is SELFISHNESS
  • The greatest distraction is WORK
  • The largest bankruptcy is RESIGNATION
  • The worst feeling is ENVY
  • The best gift is APPOLOGY
  • The biggest discovery is GOD
  • The most beautiful thing in the world is LOVE
  • The greatest happiness is PEACE


Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t? What caught my attention on that list was the wisdom about work. You know how difficult it is to leave the work behind mentally and enjoy every breath (if we breathe at allUśmiech).

Led by pure intuition we got to this very place.

Pura Vida! That’s amazing!

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Jedna odpowiedź na „Encore, Pura Vida

  1. Patrik pisze:

    Dear Wojtek, Ania & co
    What an inspirational journey you have embarked on.
    I am very happy to see that you have not Surrendered to Work.
    Should you like to add one further experience to your journey you are always welcome to visit us in Finland on your way home 🙂


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