Unexpected evening

Last night I went on my bike to the start/finish line to watch and support about 13,000 runners in the popular Wroclaw night half-marathon. The evening was very warm with the asphalt still radiating heat from the hottest day this year. I felt sorry for the participants as the running conditions were not great. And then came along a guy…

He was running late to the starting line with two numbers in his hand. He looked at me and said: I have a spare bib. Would like to have it and run? I had not much time to make the decision as they were already starting different pace groups so as said to him: I’ll take it. The rest is history. After attaching my bike to a fence and the gifted number to my shirt I started running with no preparation, no warmup and a desire to overtake a lot of slower athletes in front of me to get into the right rhythm in the first kilometers. It was crazy but worth it😃🍺

That adventure reminded me of a popular formula for success: OPPORTUNITY x READINESS.

Life is full opportunities that present themselves sometimes very unexpectedly. All it takes is just to open up and embrace them.

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