Business or Economy Class?

During a check-in at Tenerife airport today I had a peculiar observation. There were three lines for passangers flying with Lufthansa to Munich: two for Economy and one for Business and First Class passangers.

The two Economy stands opened a bit earlier and the check-in started quite smoothly. Then the Business class line opened and … problems started to appear.

Business class passengers immediately formed a new line and several passengers from the Economy lines (with Business Class status) starting moving across to the Business line as well. What was strange about that whole development was the fact that even those who were close to be checked-in in Economy lines and be done with it insisted on being in the Business line. It did not matter that their check-in would be 15-30 min longer. Besides, they would go through the same check-in procedure as everybody else. No special treatment. Just a doubtful privilage of being associated with the „better” passangers.

It is so weird how status can affect us and our often unreasonable choices.

So which Class line position would you rather be: Economy but faster or Business/First Class?

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  1. Miro pisze:

    C. private jet 🙂


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