El Camino

After a month-long rest it is time to embark on the first of my bucket-list projects planned for this year. Today I am leaving Poland for Spain to do my 30-day walking pilgrimage from the Pyrennees to Santiago de Compostela. I have got roughly 800 km to cover in a rather hilly terrain and the winter climate of northern Spain.


I do not expect this to be an easy experience as the weather there is like it is in Poland now. I intend to walk in contemplating silence and live as simply as I can for the next 30 days. Based on my Foundation experience, I covered earlier on this blog, I know He comes to us in silence. We have a better chance to hear His voice then. The sheer will power is not enough here. To experience authentic transformation I want God’s power to work in me. The context should help. During the warmer months El Camino is full of pilgrims; in winter, not so much.

I give up all the other activities for one month including sports. I have not had such a break for many years. I put my corporate and social ladder climbing on hold already last month for the whole year. The most difficult part of this project will be being away from my family for one month. I feel particularly grateful for the undeserved Grace I continue experiencing, which gives me strength to go upstream.

During the pilgrimage I promise to pray in the intentions I have been asked for. I do not promise sending regular updates though I will try to do so. My backpack weighs as much as my carry-on luggage for a two-day business trip. I am taking so little yet so much with me on this journey.

buen camino

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