We are in Thailand now, the last country of our journey. The closer we get home, the more often we have thoughts summarizing our sabbatical. Starting this blog a year ago we were wondering what would come out of it. We had never done anything similar. It was not clear whether we would have enough will and discipline to update it regularly. Recently I heard there are 50,000 blogs initiated in the world EVERY DAY!!! It is hard to get through with an idea in such a noise of internet info. As one of our readers, Michal, put it nicely, it is hard to be original. After all everything has already been done or discovered.

With the year behind us we can say, our blog has exceeded our expectations. I am not talking about the stats regarding the number of visits, which already is scores of thousands, or places in “blog of the year” rankings, in which we did not compete. What is particularly valuable for us is your feedback, both in your blog comments and direct emails. Deep down we hoped this would not only serve as a report of our travels and how we see the world through our eyes but also as some inspiration. Our blog has not only been our travel diary but also a way to keep in touch with you. Thank you all for good words and thoughts, which we continue receiving directly and through telepathy.

Concluding, I would like to quote one of the more recent comments we received. I hope you do not mind, Marek, that I put it  here. Here I am following the principle that “it is better to ask forgiveness than ask for permission” Uśmiech. I heard it from our new friend from Sillicon Valley, Jean-Claude, who, like you Marek, is a great IT person himself.


Dear Ania and Wojtek,

I have grown accustommed to your travel letters and I cannot accept the fact, you are going back home! Maybe yet another round?
Recently I realized your messages have had a positive influnece on me and their bring positive and inspiring info.
This is a completely new dimension of your journey, which helped me to experience your adventure and I believe it has made others better as well.




and Ania’s response:


Your words are for us a nice appreciation of our work and the idea behind this blog.
Last night, lying under the stars, we had a conversation wrapping up our sabbatical. We were pondering what this journey has given us and others. We also asked ourselves why we are going back home? The answer was simple: because we made a commitment to our kids, families, employers etc. Together with Wojtek we could go on travelling. The kids miss home. Physically we are going back yet are journey is not ending. I think it is, in a way, at the beginning …
This has been an extraordinary and magical year for us. We feel privilaged to have contributed some good energy, joy and inspiration to your life as well Uśmiech.





PS BTW, some people ask why Ania washes my shirts and why I carry so many of them on this trip . I am referring to the picture from the front page of our blog. Well, firstly, it is me, who is responsible for doing laundry during our sabbatical. Secondly, the shirts are hung by a Nica, a woman from Nicaragua, at the sunset on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. I was lucky to be there with my camera at such a nice moment.

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