Farewell Anitpodes





Leaving another continent it is time again for a regional wrap up. We spent 4,5 months in Oceania and Australia (1 in Fiji, 1,5 in NZ and 2 in OZ). Though these three places have a few things in common such as beautiful nature, high cost of living or left-sided traffic it would be hard to create a single TOP10 lists for all them.

Since we have been definitely seduced by Australia to the extent we would be ready to relocate here  we want to focus on this country. Below you will find the customary list of TOP 10 best and worst things about OZ.

Top 10 -Best

1. Quality of life – all the people we have come across have been extremely happy living here

2. Unique nature

3. Good energy

4. Relaxed and happy people

5. Passion for sports and physical activity

6. Egalitarianism

7. Low unemployment

8. Creativity in dress

9. Care about travellers safety

10. Climate


Top 10 – Worst

1. The Aborigines lost in the white man world

2. High prices

3. Natural disasters such as droughts, fires or flooding …

4. Dangers lurking on land and in the water

5. Weak and expensive access to internet

6. Scrupulously splitting the bill in restaurants

7. Problem with illegal immigrants

8. Gambling

9. Far away from Poland Smutek

10.  … we really struggled to come up with the 10th one Uśmiech

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