Top 10 Best & Worst of North America (US & Canada)



Best Top 10

1. The hospitality of the three families with whom we spent a couple of days on our journey
2. Low prices
3. Delicious food
4. Public libraries and parks
5. Laundromats 
6. Funny tv commercials
7. Entertainment industry
9. Cheap and comfortable houses
10. University education




Worst Top 10

1. Bureacracy and overregulation
2. Huge waste of resources
3. Addiction to convenience, e.g. going by car everywhere, even across the street
4. Horrible obesity and overconsumption
5. Freezing AC everywhere
6. Rare free wi-fi  and poor cell phone coverage
7. Perkiness – especially in the US
8. Litigiousness – there is always somebody else to blame for our misery so why not sue them?
9. Competition and lack of cooperation of kids in the playgrounds
10. Campgrounds



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