Yes, they exist and in a very discrete way spread the good in the world.

We came across such an Angel, Krystyna, during our stay in Calgary. From the first moment our little Ania could not stop talking to her. She cheerfully told stories about our journey and experiences. I was really surprised. I could not take my eyes off her. It was the beginning of a real friendship between Krystyna and our kids.


‘Aunt’ Krystyna invited our kids to her magic kingdom. They could not stop wondering how many treasures she held in her nooks. There were colorful papers, crayons, fluffy wires, feathers, artificial leaves, threads, beautiful materials, beads, doll’s heads, 3D sticks and many other amazing things.  So, the adventure had started! Ania and Wojtek did not leave the magic place for the first days. They made different things from beads like animals, jewelry. They were drawing, painting, sticking, sewing. They made the camp pillows. Inspired Ania created the new fashion collection for her dolls. See below.

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One day Krystyna brought crocheting hooks. She hit the bull’s eye! The children were enchanted. They spent every moment crocheting. They even forgot about the TV. Once we went to watch the Stampede parade. Wojtuś packed his crocheting kit into his backpack to kill the time in case of boredom (exactly like his father but he likes to take books with him instead). He looked really sweet. A little boy in the crowd with his crocheting under his armpit. Ania i Wojtuś made bands and hats for themselves! They also inspired me. I crocheted a nice shopping bag. It is amazing that using a small stick you are able to make so many incredible things.


Crocheting family – video

In addition we also cooked and baked together. We made delicious traditional Polish donuts according to my grandmother recipe. Let me know if you are interested in getting this recipe.



Baking donuts – video

We liked Krystyna so much that we wish she could keep us company for the rest of the trip. We had wonderful time together. The children squeaked every time she would come back home from work. I appreciated a lot our conversations.

The angels are around us!

„For people are angels without wings, and it is beautiful to be born without them and cultivate them on your back …”.
Jose Saramago

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