Farewell Calgary


Our almost three week visit to Calgary is drawing to an end. The is a nice city with nice people. A lot has changed here since my previous visit 19 years ago. Like the whole country, Calgary has increased its population significantly. Despite that, this second largest country in the world remains relatively not very populous with only 34 m inhabitants. Poland, occupying only about 3% of Canadian territory, has 38 m.

Thanks to the great hospitality of our friends we have felt here like home. We had a chance to rest after almost 5 months of roaming around the world and hardcore camping in the US. Living in very comfortable conditions we could get back to delicious cooking and eating and other familiar activities. In my case I could not waste an opportunity to do some tough training at the nearby gyms – it was free! Thank you YMCA and Gold’s Gym! Though my next Ironman is a year away (01.07.2012 – Ironman Austria), it is good to keep in shape all the time.

While in Calgary we visited several times local swimming pools, parks, went to baseball games (Wojtus managed to catch 4 foul balls), had daily baseball catching and throwing practise sessions etc. Little Ania went back to her favorite dance performance, creating her own choreography to the music of the local singer, Leonard Cohen, very popular in Poland as well.

Besides, as Ania mentions in her latest post, thanks to the newly met aunt-Angel Krysia, the kids had a chance to develop in completely new areas such as crocheting.

Visting Calgary in the first half of July we could not miss the greatest cowboy rodeo/festival in the world called Stampede. Though its size, along with the opening parade witnessed this year by the royal couple, William and Kate, is stunning, we were not impressed. The best indication of that was when Wojtus was crocheting instead of watching the Stampede parade live Uśmiech.

Stampede parade and crocheting – video

Now we are going west through the beautiful Rocky Mountains visiting a couple of musts along the way including Banff National Park. After a couple of days we expect to reach Vancouver. So far the weather in Canada has been spectacular!

Gosia, Krysi, Yousry & Ciapka the Cat – one more time many thanks for your wonderful hospitality.

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