Long live holidays!!



Summer break in Poland starts on June 24th. We are really looking forward to it. Almost  every day we work at “school”  a few hours despite different challenges. The children have wonderfull results and we have a lot of satisfaction. During holidays we only stop working with the school books. We are still going to read, write, talk and discover the world.

The possibility of teaching our kids outside the traditional school has been for us a great adventure and also a big challenge.

We obviously can travel with the children. The textbooks we use are well written and we can smoothly go through the program. We have full freedom in arranging school time. Though we want to work regularly during the week it is not always possible. Sometimes we do classes sailing a boat, driving a coach or waitnig for a lunch in a restaurant where we can find a comfortable table and good chairs. We are spending more time together than ever.



Homeschooling na Rio Dulce (Gwatemala)

Homeschooling offers unbelivible possibilities in learning and discovering the world (also for us!!). Currently we are spending the nights in the desert where we can admire the sky and new constellations. Ania and Wojtuś experience geology and botany lessons in the US national parks,  gain Junior Ranger’s badges. They also learn how to protect nature and history of important places.

Being responsible for our kids education  we can inspire them for developing new skills. Ania and Wojtuś have learned painting with a Guatemala painter, named Gaspar in San Pedro de Laguna. You can see the results below.




Painting lessons – video

Ania sketching

Slowly …

End of first day



Wojtuś has  learned to play a new instrument, i.e. a drum.  His drum teacher was a local musician from whom he also bought the hand-made instrument. The fragments of this lesson you can see on the movie.




Drums lessons – video

Another rythym


Playing with Cesar and Roberto


Certainly there are a lot of benefits and also some challenges. Every day we all need to be determined and consistent. Changing places quite often we rarely have ideal conditions for study. We struggle with temperature (coolnesss, heat) wind and noise. The children are often distracted, they cannot focus on the tasks. They also miss their classmates. From that perspective we really appriciate the teachers’ job!!

p.s. If you want to improve your mood we recommend a traditional Polish dance “krakowiak”. We discoverd that on youtube when we learned about Polish regions and culture.


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