P.S. Flying tent



The desert spirits where we have been spending the last few weeks must have not liked our opinions about camping in the US. Last Monday, after another, adventuresome day we we came back to our camping place and found a surprise. Our tent was gone. Experiencing the strong winds that day we feared they might impact our campground. Yet we did not suspect our tent would disappear as a result.

It turned out that the fragile desert soil and little natural barriers such as a few Utah Juniper trees are not enough to shield a tent from flying 100 m away over a few petrified dunes. After a brief search we found the tent. Its rain fly and aluminium poles have been damaged. Fortunately, here in south-eastern Utah rains come very rarely. They only get about 200 mm of water per year, so a torn rain fly is not a concern now. Before heading north to the parks of Wyoming (Grand Teton, Yellowstone) and Montana (Glacier), where they still get snow occassionally we will need to get a new tent.


Flying tent – video

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