America, America



Some of our friends having seen our sabbatical route asked us why we were going to the US, where we travel so frequently anyway. My sarcastic answer to this would be, because it is on the way to Canada, the country that I had a chance to explore many years ago thanks to my uncle Ed. I have not taken my family there yet.

Back to the US, this time our purpose is to focus on the unique national parks you can visit here. We are also looking forward to a much more intense contact with nature. During our 3-month tour of North America we will mostly sleep in a tent. Brrr! The first night camping just south of Flagstaff, AZ, was chilly. At 5 am it was only 0,5C (33 F) and I was sleeping a sleeping bag for 55F+ weather.



After successful shopping of missing camping equipment (warmer sleeping bags included) at our favorite WalMart, we hope we will no longer be cold. After all, every day we will be getting closer to the summer. On the other hand, we will be driving north as far as Calgary, Canada, where the weather is still winterlike.

Our love for America and Americana has bee quite long. At the beginning it was a blind infatuation with everything. Today we are more conscious of the advantages and drawbacks of life here. Personally, I want to rediscover America, especially the one far from big cities, daily pursuit of money and often superficial people relations.

The tour of North America will be a financial challenge for us with a limited daily budget. Here a big chunk of it will be consumed by the cost of the car, we rented in Phoenix, AZ. Back in Central America, maintaing the budget discipline was not as challenging. Such a financial constraint will further stimulate our creativity and will help us better understand the life of those who are worse off than we are.

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