Joyful Sunday



W have already captured a few times our spiritual adventures during our sabbatical . Though there is one God, as our experience shows, there are many ways of worshipping Him. Well, we like very much the Central American way, even in our poor church of El Porvenir.

Last Sunday we went with a group of local parishioneers for Palm Sunday procession to La Ceiba (the third largest city of Honduras, 20 km east of where we are). Unlike in Poland, where there is a rich tradition of making special palms for the occasion, here palms grow just everywhere. There is no need to make anything, just cut a few branches and take them with you to a procession.

BTW, the record palm made in Poland this year was 36 m and 4 cm long and was prepared by Zbigniew Urbanski in a town of Lipnica Murowana, known for Palm Sunday processions!!


Back to the local celebrations, it is hard to describe them in words. That is why  there are quite a video links we made attached to this post for those  interested.

If I were to express our impressions in words though, the key word for me me would be exstatic joy, joy and joy! After all it is in accordance with the atmosphere of the day some 2000 years ago when Jesus was entering Jerusalem greeted by the multitudes waving palms. Though the whole celebration took 3,5 hours, which is also characteristic of Central America as well, we did not feel bored at all.

A few moments from this celebration will stay for long in our memories. One of those was the eucharistic procession by Garifunas, i.e. a representation of local, Black Caribe minority of Honduras, cultivating their unique traditions. During that procession Garifuna women were dancing with the gifts they were bringing involing the receiving priest in the dance as well.

Garifuna eucharistic procession – video

Dancing with the priest -Video

An equally moving moment were the chants and songs sung in Latin rythyms, full of joy, and accompanied by palm waving. What  an incredible sight!!

Reine Jesus por Sempre – video

Mi pecado es perdonado – video

Hosanna – video

La Paz – video


After seeing things like these we often wish, our religious celebrations were also as joyful and not often depressing like the sound of an old tractor engine.


For better view of the photo slide show go to the Polish version of this post.

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