Coming home


One day lying in a hammock I had a thought – this journey, especially this place is like a coming back to my childhood, to calm and carefree days spent in the village where my grandmother has been living.

Every day when I walk to the kinder with Ania along the sandy paths I can smell the fields, see women doing laundry, snaking chickens and their chicks.

Generally on the streets here you can find different animals like horses, dogs, cats, iguanas. I am surprised that chickens and roosters look exactly the same like in Poland. The eggs taste delicious Uśmiech.


IMG_2889 IMG_0012


I do not use a watch here and I do not have any problems with getting up. I am awaked by roosters every morning. The first starts his concert around 3.30 am. They say he is the most important in the city. Then the different birds and following roosters join the choir. At 5.30 am it is so loud that sleeping is not possible any more.

We are in a country where people usually do not have their post addresses. Almost nobody sends letters or deliveries here. Nevertheless everywhere we stop we have the Internet access. We use skype. Thanks to that our contact with the family and friends is much better and more frequent than in Poland. We ”participate” in the birthday parties of our family and friend and sing “happy birthday”. We enjoy every conversation. Using camera we can see each other more carefully Uśmiech.

I have already forgotten how good it is not to have any plan for a day. My endless „to do” list disappeared. My extremly long “tail of tasks” came off. What a relief! I can live in my natural pace, my own life. I do not rush anywhere, I am never bored.

I can feel like the recent years of my intensive work (professional and parental) got me tired and removed from my personal needs. Now I devote myself some time every day. Finally I have got it!! I use everything I have learned form my two wonderful masters: meditation and Qigong from Małgosia Szkurłatowska and yoga from Baeta Salmonowicz. I owe them so much. I can feel really good with myself now.

My autopilot life went away. Perfectly like in a Polish song.

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  1. Agata C pisze:

    Aniu, to musi byc wspaniale uczucie powrocic do samosterowania swoim zyciem, odrzucic autopilot i wszystkie to do I must do I have to etc.


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