Real journey begins

Feb 22, 2011

In our previous blog we mentioned fragile nature of planning. Well, leaving London we learned about major earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are planning to be there in about 9 months. Hopefully the situation stabilizes there by then. Another area with some unrest is the Cambodia/Thailand border, with some local skirmishes.
Anyway we are leaving London full of good faith and along with our 8 sabbatical desires that we agreed as a family.

Our Eight Sabbatical Desires

1. Create an insanely great experience we have never had
2. Tighten the family bonds by practicing the Power of Now
3. Give our kids our full attention in education and world discovery
4. Revitalize of our life energy
5. Learn new skills, e.g. languages, craft,
6. Get creative juices flowing
7. Educate ourselves about local history/culture/traditions
8. Dedicate some of our time to children’s charity work in Honduras


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