Quitting at the top

In recent weeks two successful people in separate professional domains, tv&you.tube entertainment and football informed the public opinion about their intention to quit their current jobs. One of them, James Corden, is a globally known English actor, comedian, singer, writer, producer, and television host (The Late Late Show with James Corden that aired on from 2015 to 2023). The other one is a rising Polish football coach, Marek Papszun, who over the past couple of years led a rather unknown Polish football club from Third to First division winning a couple of trophies along the way and on a clear trajectory to win the First Division this year.

Interestingly these two guys share a few common traits. Both of them are in their 40s, went through humble beginnings of their careers and are currently at the peak of their careers with great prospects of continuing it for the years to come. Yet both of them decided to quit what they have been doing so far!


Many commentators, especially in the case of Marek Papszun, try to explain this surprise decision by creating some theories of burnout, potential clashes with the club owner over money, new player transfer policy, potential illness etc. The underlying rationale of those opinions is that you simply cannot quit when you are still relatively young and in your peak form! Sounds like a strong projection!

What they fail to recognize and respect, however, is that both James and Marek have declared clearly in many interviews that the main reason behind their decisions is to focus more on their families. Bravo to that!!!

In one of the tv interviews James was particularly emotional saying when he realized how few years he had left to bond with his children before they mature. You can enjoy any job as much as you like yet the demands on being a host of a successful tv show or a being a football coach are very intense pushing often the family matters to the margin.

Quitting something sounds rather negative in the modern world. Yet this is just one side of the coin! These decisions cloud even more important decisions these two brave gentlemen made – making room on what matters most for them, i.e. focusing on their families. After all there is not much we will leave behind in this world after our death. Well raised, happy and loving kids could be that one great legacy of ours!

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